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Group Info Group Founded 3 Years ago Statistics 720 Members
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Group Info

Our main goals are:

- to help artists improve their art, letting them gain more exposure

- to fight against world problems using art

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Founded 3 Years ago
Jul 13, 2011


Group Focus
Art Creation

720 Members
586 Watchers
13,179 Pageviews
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Digital Art
Poems and Literature



Before sending an affiliation request note that:

- The group should have 100 members or more.
- We won't accept any single-fan-based groups.
- Exceptions can be made if the founders agree it's fine.
Hello! I realize that quite the long length of time has passed since one of these entries were written for this group. However, we have recently decided to resurrect this group and try to strive for the goals the group originally stood for.

EDIT 03.09.14
the original goal when we started out this group were the following: to help people improve / help problems in the world using art.
we have come to an agreement that from now on, we will focus on "helping world problems with art" for few reasons:
1. there are other groups that focus on improving in art.
we do not discourage improvement, however there are tons more groups that do the same thing.
2. "improving art" is a very vague goal.
this allows any kind of submission to be accepted into the group. Not that this is bad, but we also have the goal of "helping world problem with art", and majority of the submissions in the group are unrelated to that goal. In short, "improving art" is too overpowering over the other goal.

therefore, submissions unrelated to the purpose will be taken out of the group in the following few weeks/months.
sorry for the inconvenience!

The changes we are making are quite immense, with the most gravitating being made to our gallery. As it stands, the gallery is not fully operational. We are in the process of organizing new deviations into their new, correct folders and removing ones that no longer fit within the group. Please bear with us during this time of reconstruction.

Please read all of the following information as it is imperative to your success in submitting art to the group from now on.

:new: Folders

You are all probably familiar with our old folders which consisted of…

:bulletgreen: Contest
:bulletgreen: Hunger in africa
:bulletgreen: Global warming
:bulletgreen: Original
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: Pencil art
:bulletgreen: Animation, memes, objects, pixels
:bulletgreen: Wips, sketches, lineart  
:bulletgreen: Tutorials, references, brushes
:bulletgreen: Cosplay
:bulletgreen: Photography, graphic design, photo manipulation
:bulletgreen: Landscapes, sceneries, animals
:bulletgreen: Crafts

The new folders and what they will contain are as follows…

:bulletblue: Digital Art - This folder will contain any drawings, digital paintings, or any other kind of digital art made using a computer other than graphic design, which will have its own folder. this folder partially replaces the former "Landscapes, scenery, and animals" folder as well as partially replacing the "Original" folder.

:bulletblue: Traditional Art - This folders will contain any art made with traditional mediums such as pencil, paint, charcoal, pastel, and any other sort of art not made using any digital means. Along with the Digital Art folder, it will take part in replacing the former "Landscapes, scenery, and animals" folder as well as partially replacing the "Original" folder and completely replacing the "Pencil Art" folder. All pencil art will be moved here.  

:bulletblue: Photography - Exactly as it sounds, this folder will contain any photography. If in demand, a separate folder for dark room photos might be created, but as I do not know the extent of dark room artists in our group, it will remain as the photography folder for this time. This folder will partially replace the "Photography, graphic design, photo manipulation" folder.

:bulletblue: Literature - Perhaps the only folder that will not change much. Any writing will go in here. there is simply a title change from the tautology of "Poems and Literature" to just "Literature." Aesthetics really.

:bulletblue: Graphics Design and Photo-Manipulation - this folder will take part in the replacement of the "Photography, graphic design, photo manipulation" folder. Any graphic designs or photo-manipulations created will be put here.

:bulletblue: Resources - This folder will replace the "Tutorials, references, brushes" folder. Any tutorials, photoshop brushes, commission info, or stock images will be included here.

:bulletblue: Crafts - This folder will basically remain the same.

Now, you may have noticed the absence of any replacement for some of the folders we previously had.


:bulletred: Fan-art - We have discussed and come to the conclusion that fan-art does not coincide with the ideals of this group. We do not consider the use of another person's art to be useful in impacting global change as our purpose in the group is "solving problems using art." We do not discourage the style of cartoon or anime art, but we do not want anything under a copyright that is not your own in our gallery. Cosplay and fanfiction are included in the fan-art category and will no longer be accepted.  

:bulletred: Works in Progress (WIPs)/Sketches - We only want completed art in this group. We would be very happy to accept your completed products, but, please, no sketches or WIPs.

:bulletred: Memes - Memes are not a verifiable form of art and will not be accepted. Ever.

:bulletred: Bad Quality - Photos of bad quality or photos taken of traditional art that are bad quality will not be accepted.

We thank you for understanding our slowness in sorting out the gallery so we may start accepting submissions again. Please be patient and take some time to learn these new rules and guidelines.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do comment below and you will be responded to immediately!
Thank you!
Hello there!

We are going to postpone the deadline! The new deadline is June the 6th!

Check out the theme and the rules. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts and don't forget to leave a comment (:

Good luck to all of you!!

-- Immigrants: Difficult Lives --

"Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state." - Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Freedom of movement is a human right that has caused polemic discussions. What are the Americans if not descendants of immigrants? Then why do so may Americans complain about immigrants? Why are so  many Europeans biased against immigration if that's a way to counterbalance the negative economic effects of the ageing population? Immigrants are people running away from violence, poverty and hunger and seeking a new life. However, they need to deal with many cultural, ethnic, legal and economic problems in order to succeed. Therefore, many of them lead an incredibly tough life and it's our duty to promote their social integration.

- Any media is acceptable, such as photography, graphic design, written work, drawing (pencil, colored pencils, pen, digital), painting etc.
- Must be related to the theme
- No Fan Art, can't use licensed characters
- You are allowed to submit more than one entry
  [but only one can make it to the finals]
- Mention it's for our contest

--June 6th--

Submit To:
The "Contest Folder"
(or to if you don't have a Deviantart account)

- 100 points from lawblz2000
- An ice cream-shaped pad
- Featured on our journal, group page, and group site
- Featured on lawblz2000 's page and journal
- An official Winner Certificate from UniversalArtists !
- Every single participant will get mentioned in lawblz2000 's journal
- The winner piece(s) might get a Daily Deviation (the piece will be suggested as a DD)
More Journal Entries

Welcome to UA Organization

Please read the submission rules before submitting any piece in our gallery. All art submitted to the wrong folder will be delcined automatically

*We will only notify the reason of decline upon request*

:bulletblack: Please do not submit traced, copied or heavily referenced pictures.

:bulletblack:Your submission must be owned by you. Collabs are fine to submit, as long as you have the other person's approval.

Hello, feel free to submit art to our group, below you will find some very simple submission guidelines

Everybody wants to improve their art and skills. Here is the perfect place for the ones who seek improvement and appreciate art, a place where people help each other and keep improving.

Keep striving, refining and improving! join us and help us spread the word ~

Please submit your deviations to the right folder!

*If it's a sketch, pencil art, wip, or lineart, please put it in the "Pencil Art/Lineart/WIPs/Sketches folder regardless of whatever folder it might belong to. *

:bulletblack: Featured:
Inspirational works chosen by our admins!

:bulletblack: Pencil Art, Lineart, WIPs, Sketches:
Art made with graphite pencil, sketches, works in progress and lineart

:bulletblack: Animations, Memes, Objects, Pixels:
For animations memes, and drawings of objects (without people), and pixel icons etc.

:bulletblack: Tutorials, References, Brushes:
Exactly what the name says.

:bulletblack: Cosplay:
All cosplay pics go to this folder.

:bulletblack: Photography, Graphic Design, Photomanipulations:
Photos and photomanipulations (EXCEPT cosplays), and also graphic designs.

:bulletblack: Poems and Literature:
Poems and literatures go here.

:bulletblack: Digital Landscapes, Scenery, Animals:
For landscapes, scenery or animals drawn/colored digitally

:bulletblack: Crafts
Handmade crafts, items

:bulletblack: Contest
Deviations submitted to our group contest

Last but not least we have Original and Fanart folder. Please think of these two as your last options to submit to. The folders above take first priority, if it fits the above folders, plz submit it there!

:bulletblack: Original:
Artworks of original characters, created by you or other people.

:bulletblack: Fanart:
Artworks of official characters, such as the ones from animes, mangas, movies, cartoons, tv shows etc.

feel free to check out our group rules for reconfirmation, just click here ~

Other details ~

:bulletred:Member submissions are limited to 3 submissions per week
Your art will need to be accepted by our admins to be submitted to the group.
:bulletorange: Your work must be made by yourself.
:bulletyellow: Absolutely no mature work.
If it's tagged it's an automatic no and we will ask you to withdraw the submission. If our admins think it needs a mature tag we will decline it.
Our group will not allow traced, recolored, or stolen art. Collabs are fine.
:bulletgreen: You must follow the set standards for submissions!
-Your submission may not be made in 5 minutes or less. This is a group for improvement!
-No "doodles' please! Try to submit something you're proud of!
-Please don't take a photo of your traditional drawing with a cellphone/ipod/webcam camera. They tend not to take good photos. Only good quality photos of traditional works will be accepted. This means the photo shouldn't be too dark, pixelated, blurry, or fuzzy.
-We do not accept works on lined paper.
- By submitting your piece, you are allowing us to use it for non-profit purposes without modifying it. In case you don't want your piece to be shown anywhere else besides Deviantart, please note us.


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DrawingEvolution Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting my drawings into your gallery :)
DemonWolfAtreiyu Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there.
I was wondering if you could possibly advertise a contest I am holding?
Here is the link: [link]

Let me know, thanks!~
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electricstorm-x Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
Hi there!

I have recently traveled to South Africa as part of a volunteer trip. This trip changed my life in so many ways. I have come back to Canada more inspired, and with an even greater urge to help make a difference.

I have started a donation pool on my page. My goal is to raise 60 000 points to purchase 50 (based on regular price) "Artist In The Making" children's shirts to donate to children who are in need in South Africa. I will be donating the shirts to Volunteer Eco Students Abroad as this is the organization that I went to South Africa with and I feel that I can trust them with my (and your!) donations. They will be distributing the shirts to children in St Lucia, South Africa and surrounding areas.

I am simply trying to get the word of my project out through posting these messages where I believe deviants who will be willing to help will see it.

If anyone would consider visiting my page and donating (please donate to my pool, not directly to me) even just one point to this cause, it could make a strong impact on a child's life, with very little effort. Every point counts! Thank you in advance :hug:

I am also willing to favorite or watch deviants for points, just let me know what you would like for how many points.

If anyone would like to help spread the word of this, or has any suggestions for me on how to get it out there, it would be greatly appreciated as well <3
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bialoveshoney Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, I'm sort of new to this group, and a few weeks ago I submitted some of my drawings, but haven't received anything notification since.
Did I make some mistake while submitting it? Or does it just take a while for the admins to see it and accept or reject them?
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KawaiiDarkAngel Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for accept. ^^
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